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Breath of the Wok

Demonstrations at the Market

Our Smart Living Markets at Lake Wendouree have been running since September 2014, gradually rebuilding the offering of produce and attractions for visitors.

We have successfully applied for a grant from the City of Ballarat to ensure that we can provide demonstrations at all our markets for the next 12 months. 

Our visitors have appreciated in recent months demonstrations on fruit tree pruning, grafting fruit trees, growing potatoes, solar energy and cooking seasonal produce. 

We now have the opportunity to pay presenters up to $100 per market to provide educational sessions at each market in topics that relate to food production, storage, cooking, animal husbandry, renewable energy, reducing waste and sustainable living.

If you have the capacity of know someone who you think would add value to BREAZE’s outreach programs at our markets please let us know.


How to find the Smart Living Farmers Market - Lakeside

How to find the 5th Saturday Farmers Market - Central Square


Next Market

Lakeside Farmers Markets - 9th and 23rd April, 14th and 28th May,  11th and 25th June,  9th and 23rd July, 13th and 27th of August, 10th and 24th of September.

5th Saturdays at Central Square Ballarat

  • 30th April
  • 30th July
  • 29th October
  • 31st December


Stallholders List


  1. 2 & 5 Inc - Jam, Chutney, Pickle, Sauce, Musesli
  2. ALBERTO'S DELICACIES Gnocchi, Pasta, Ravioli, Pesto sauce etc
  3. ALIA'S LEBANESE FOOD - Falafel Sandwich, chicken wraps, tortilla
  4. ANGE PAPPAS Diverse range seasonal vegetables,seasonal stonefruits etc
  5. AVONMORE  ESTATE - Biodynamic / Organic Wines, Beer
  6. BALLARAT EAST MENS SHED Sausage sizzle
  7. BALLARAT MUSHROOM FARM Mushrooms. Mushroom compost, marinated mushrooms,eggs
  8. BASILLIO SOURDOUGH - Sourdough Bread Pastries etc
  9. BEAN ME UP - Coffee and cakes
  10. BELLA'S SMOKED FISH - Smoked Trout, Salmon and Pate
  11. BLACKWOOD ORCHARD - Apples, Pears, Cherries
  12. BREAZE - Smart Living Markets, BREAZE Energy Solutions, Social Solar By BREAZE, BREAZE Community
  13. CAREYS QUALITY MEATS - Smallgoods, kabana, stras, ham, bacon, vhorizo, pepperon, chicken breast, beef, lamb & pork
  14. COOKS TREAT Sauces, dressings, condiments
  15. CORNISH CREAM FUDGE - Cream Fudges
  16. de'bee signature balms - Beeswax Skin balms, Beeswax Lip balms, Beeswax Candles
  18. DUNLUCE LAMB Packaged meat - Lamb cut
  19. DURALGAI HORTICULTURE Fruits and Vegies
  20. ELMHURST  BLUEBERRIES - Blueberries
  21. ENGA ARABICA COFFEE Locally roasted Arabica coffee
  22. ESPRESSO MOBILE CAFE - Gourmet Espresso Coffee, Hot Chocolate,Chai Latte, Biscuites
  23. EUREKA SEEDLINGS - Flower,Vegie Seedlings
  24. FISHERKING FARM - Honey and peanut butter
  25. FRANK BARONE - Citrus, Stonefruit, Pumpkin, Grapes
  26. GOLDFIELDS FARMHOUSE CHEESE Handmade cows milk cheese
  27. GEORGIANA JANE DESIGN - Handmade jewellery including Czech glass beads, embroidery & felt, wood and fine
  28. HARMONY GARLIC Several varieties of garlic - Italian purple, Californian Late, Pickled garlic, Garlic smash in oil
  29. HIDDEN  SECRET - Meredith Cheese, Savoury Veges, Ready meals, Lemon curd, Glutn free Tarts, Vegetarian Tarts etc
  30. HILL VIEW CHERRIES - Cherries (in season)
  31. JANELLE'S HOMEMADE DOG TREATS Dog Biscuits-Tune cuffs,Peanut Butter Bones, Breath Freshness, Horse treats, Cat treats etc
  32. JUNGLE RAIN - Chilli sauces, salt, oil, seeds and plants (spring and summer)
  33. KAUKER ORGANICS - Heritage fresh apples, dried apples, soaps
  34. KAZ'S GOOGS - Free Range Eggs
  35. LA PARISIENNE CAKES&BREAD Bread , Cakes, Pastries etc
  36. LANGDALE ORCHARDS Apples, Pears, Plums, Apple jelly, apricot jam. Fig jam, peach jam etc
  37. LuxuryOverdose Fibre Arts - Yarn, Fibre, Spinning Wheels, Weaving, sales, lessons and repairs
  39. MAC & PEACH - Classic knits for babies and children
  40. MASALA VALLEY - Veg Samosa, Meat Samosa, Spring Roll, Egg plant fritter, Veg pakora, Curries,Papadum
  41. MIA & TALBOT DESIGNS - Scented soy candles using a blend of fragrance & essential oils, Beeswax unscented
  42. MICHAEL'S FARM PRODUCE - Free Range Eggs
  43. MOUNT BUNINYONG WINERY Wine Beer Preserves
  44. MY SWEET PEA TREATS - Homemade Icecream and Sorbet
  45. NAKED PANTRY - Nuts, seeds, grains dried fruits, pulses
  46. NATIVE BLISS SOAPS - Handmade Soaps
  47. NINTINGBOOL WINES - Wine Pinot Noir Shiraz Rose
  48. OMNIBUS ART GALLERY - Upcycled, handmad and reupholstered furniture
  49. ORR LIGHTWOOD FARM Organic Potatoes
  51. PINK MUESLI - Beetroot Muesli
  52. POSSOM BLOSSOMS F- Seasonal Cut Flowers
  53. RAEDAN Tomato Sauce, Tomato chutney, Tomato pickles, Cauliflower pickle, Beetroot relish, Apple jam, jelly,Strwberry Jam, jelly etc
  54. ROBINVALE ESTATE Olive oil, dressings, plain and marinated olives, balsamics
  55. SALAMI SHACK - Salami, Pepperomi, liverwursts, venison, kangaroo salami
  56. SLATY CREEK ORGANICS Garlic scapes, Broadbeans, Snowpeas, Snake Radish, Garlic bulb
  57. SMOO-JU - Smoothies and Juices
  58. SPRING CREEK ORGANICS Seasonal Organic Vegetables- Beetroot,Parsnips,Tomato,Silverbeet, Bukchoy corriander etc
  59. SULTANA GIRL - Organic Sultanas,Oranges, Grapes, Lemons
  60. TEA HARVEST Tea, many varieties
  61. THE PLATING WORKS Biscuits,Slices small cakes
  62. THE POMEGRANATE TREE Cordials- Lemon, Lime, Orange, Raspberry Etc
  63. THE VINTAGE BLEND - Tafelgut loose leaf tea in sealed tins
  64. WHOLESOME HIPPO - juices, smoothies, hot vegetarian meals, raw vegan dessserts
  65. WHYTES AVOCADOS - Avocado in season
  66. YENDON GOURMET TOMATOES Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, Cucunbers, Eggplant, Capsicum, Basils, Strawberries (in season) etc
  67. VINTAGE & COUNTRY BABES - Quality children clothes that have a vintage and country inspiration


* Stall hoders may vary with the seasons



Address of the Markets

Smart Living Farmers Market - Lake Wendouree

You will find the market in Wendouree Parade, Lake Wendouree, opposite the Ballarat Botanical Gardens, and south of Pipers by the Lake, north of Windmill Drive.

5th Saturday Farmers Market - Central Square

25 Armstrong St South, Ballarat - opposite the Central Square Shopping Centre.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone Enquiries  0432 635 637 (General)  
0409 551 539 (Market Manager)

PO Box 1301
Bakery Hill VIC 3354


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